Spillestedet Harders

Ally Venable

Køb Billet

This is no time for faint hearts. The pandemic might have silenced the music scene, shuttered the live circuit and divided artists from their fans. But with the Heart Of Fire Tour, Texas’s favorite new gunslinger Ally Venable is coming off the ropes swinging. If the in 2021 released album Heart Of Fire finds Venable giving the globe some much-needed love, then the feeling is entirely mutual. Still in her early twenties, the guitarist’s breakneck two decades have moved as fast as her fingers, her path winding from childhood church choirs to the teenage influence of local heroes like Stevie Ray Vaughan and Miranda Lambert. Like any battle, this record gets loud. Anyone who has left an Ally Venable show with ringing ears will come expecting rip-it-up guitar work, and Heart Of Fire is a lovely way to burn. Defiant, passionate, honest and raw, this is as how these times demand, from an artist whore fuses to wait for the storm to pass, but prefers to dance in the rain. “I’m very excited to be returning to Europe this year and touring on my Heart Of Fire album. I can’t wait to for everyone to see my live show!”